Steadfast Christian Fellowship  
                   Walking in the light of His Glory, where His Grace is sufficient            



            We Pray that these Messages are a blessing to you. Please
        let others know that they also can enjoy this free service.  
Simply click on the video of your choice and enjoy. 

                      Our Tuesday Night service can be downloaded below, Just click the button. These videos are aired on Brookhaven Cable TV In New York Long Island. Channel 20 Public Access.

       Transition From Old To New
       Bearing Fruit 7

       Bearing Fruit 5

       Bearing Fruit 4      3/7/12

       Bearing Fruit 3

       Bearing Fruit 2

       Bearing Fruit 1

       The Gift Is Given   12/6/11  

       The Eternal Flame 11/22/2011
       Grace 11/16/2011

       The Amen Of God 11/1/2011
       Don't Grieve the Holy Ghost 10/25/2011

The Prince Of Peace 10/18/2011

       I'll Meet You At Galilee...

       Fullness Of Time...

       Then Came Jesus...

       Effectual Faith....

       Defined By Virtue...


       Blinded By The Light....

       Led Not Driven....

       Spiritual Discernment....

       The Prophetic Voice...

       Are You Glad...

       Never Alone


       Wait On The Lord

       He's Not Here

       Two Voices In The Crowd

       The Suddenly Of God

       There Is Nothing Higher Than Jesus

       There Is Life In The Light

       The Joy Of Jesus

       The Glory Cloud

       The Cluster Blessing

       The Bond That Moves Mountains

       The Blood Of Jesus

       The Blood And The Glory

       The Attitude Of Gratitude

       Telling The Story

       Out Of The Box

       One Mediator

       It Is Written

       He Makes New Things

       I Believe God

       He Said Peace They Said Joy

  Out Of Nazareth

       It's Time To Get Dressed

       Get Anointed

       Fluid Thought 2

       Fluid Thought

       Faith Works By Love

       Drive On

       Don't Give Up Now

       Divine Alignment

       Delay Is Not Denial

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